Silly Billy by Anthony Browne

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Silly Billy

Silly Billy

Sometimes it’s very worrying to be a small person. And it doesn’t help if your worries are dismissed by Mummy and Daddy. Billy’s worries are detailed and comprehensive and it’s hard for him to get to sleep, what with all the worrying. Luckily Billy’s Granny knows just how he feels and even better, she has a solution! Apparently worry dolls are made by the anxious children of Guatemala and at bedtime the dolls listen to a worry each and then get placed under the child’s pillow, ensuring a good night’s sleep. Granny gives Billy her collection of worry dolls and all goes well until he starts to fret about the worry dolls’ worries. So he gets with the arts and crafts and makes the dolls some dolls…but not to worry (ha!), it doesn’t get ever more recursive. Lookit, educational about different cultures, problem-solving (possibly), and you and your own Silly Billy can even make your own dolls out of bits of wood and cloth. Makes a change from the usual story-book.
Silly Billy

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