The Magic Train Ride by Sally Crabtree and Sonia Esplugas

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The magic train ride

Magic Train Ride by Sally Crabtree and Sonia Esplugas

Oh, we’re on the train again, speeding down the rails again, quickly quickly down the tracks, clicketyclickety clack! This delightful book comes with a slightly less delightful CD featuring the story sung by a slightly tense-sounding lady. This is the story of a magic train ride (who’d’ve guessed?). A couple of kids get their magic tickets and board the train with assorted fellow travellers, stopping in places such as the jungle, outer space, fairyland and under the sea, rhyming their cheery way to the final destination (a seaside castle). At each stop a passenger hops off (the alien stays on Mars, for example) and a new one hops on, so to make the most of the book read it slowly a few times first without the CD to spot all the entrancing details. The singing on the CD is not quite up to snuff, but it does have a catchy little tune which will clicketyclack in your head for days. Well worth buying, for girls and boys, even if they’re not train-mad. My daughter likes to grab a bunch of tickets that we’ve collected from the miniature railway at Roxbourne Park as a little accoutrement to really get into the story.

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Inside the magic train ride

Inside the Magic Train Ride

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