Delicious (Pumpkin Soup) by by Helen Cooper

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This book is pleasantly illustrated enough and the text occasionally rollicks along, but on the whole I found it a charmless tale of Duck wanting pumpkin soup but eventually (he gets very hungry) settling for orange vegetable soup instead. Though the author certainly tries hard. It’s about pumpkin soup, which is why we chose it from the library just before Hallowe’en. It’s about a fussy eater who doesn’t appreciate the effort involved in attempting to feed him, but in my opinion any moral to be drawn from that is undermined by the way he’s simply offered more and more different kinds of soup until finally he likes one. It features a substory of bugs plotting to steal the soup via a Heath-Robinson-esque contraption under the sink but it’s hard to see what they’re up to and it never seems very funny, even when they steal the only soup Duck will eat. I also found it annoying that the carnivore ate veg soup and the herbivore ate chicken soup. My daughter cheerily enjoyed it a couple of times, though.

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