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Katie and the Bathers by James Mayhew

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Katie and the bathers cover
How to combine a visit to the Impressionists that adorn London’s National Gallery with a cooling dip on a summer’s day? Use your imagination, of course! Cheerful and adventurous young Katie is taken out for the day by her Grandma. Sadly, the swimming pool is full! But Grandma needs a rest, so they pop into the gallery, where Seurat’s glowing Bathers at Asnières (http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/paintings/georges-seurat-bathers-at-asnieres) lure Katie in for a swim in the river.

She makes friends with young Pierre, and they sit on the frame for a rest…oh no! it tips, pouring water into the gallery! A boat is needed, and luckily Seurat provided one in another nearby painting. Pissarro’s Woman Hanging Laundry helps to dry their clothes, and the ‘magician’ in Signac’s Portrait of Felix Feneon returns the river to the painting. Eventually Katie returns to Grandma.

Katie and the bathers
A wonderful way to introduce children to some of the world’s artistic masterpieces and bring them to life, I heartily recommend all of the ‘Katie and the..’ books. Then, take your children to the National Gallery, of course, where they can relive many of their adventures with Katie.

Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson and Emily Gravett

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Cave Baby

Cave Baby

Cave Baby is another charming, rereadable book from Julia Donaldson (the Gruffalo lady), this time illustrated by Emily Gravett (responsible for classics such as Orange, Pear, Apple, Bear) to excellent effect. Cave mum and dad don’t appreciate Cave Baby’s ‘artwork’ on the cave walls, so, banished to bed, he dreams of artistic recognition. A baby mammoth who needs someone with fingers to decorate the mammoth home cave collects him and they journey through a prehistoric night landscape, with a mysterious scary bear shape to search for on every page. The cave paintings are delightful and so is the rhyming tale. A bit too easy for three-year-olds in my opinion.

Cave Baby in the UK

Cave Baby in the US

Cave Baby's Art