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The Pencil by Allan Ahlberg and Bruce Ingman

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Wonderful illustrations (in pencil, of course) make it seem that the story is being created especially for you and your child as you read about a little pencil drawing himself companions. Each new pal demands accessories. Mildred the cat, who makes an early appearance, requests a mouse, but ‘”No,” said the pencil. “No mouse”.’ Banjo the boy gets an apple, though. When Kitty the paintbrush arrives, she certainly brings more colour to the story, but things swiftly turn sinister when a brand-new eraser starts removing everything in a worryingly inexorable fashion. No spoilers, but all ends happily, though I can’t say I see what moral, if any, is to be drawn (haha, sorry) here.

Mildred the cat

Mildred the cat

Bound to provoke the urge to draw your own story! Perhaps more suited to preschoolers already keen on making their own marks and (as yet) untroubled by existential worries.