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Katje The Windmill Cat by Gretchen Woelfle

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Katje the Windmill Cat

Katje the Windmill Cat

This is the story of a miller’s cat who lives in a windmill and saves a baby in a cradle from drowning in a flood that bursts the dike around the Dutch town they live in. The story arc is pleasantly predictable – cat used to get prefential treatment from the miller until he married and a baby was born to claim all the attention, but after the flood rescue incident, the cat is the miller’s wife’s favourite pet. Perhaps not an ideal book for a three-year-old, with its unusual setting and situations. I didn’t realise that the millstones could not be disconnected from the sails in a storm, requiring constant feeding of grain to prevent the stones forming sparks (surely this is no longer the case?), and this was difficult to explain to my daughter, especially given that she’s none too clear on how wheat turns into bread. I also found it hard to see how a cat jumping about in a floating wooden cradle could prevent it capsizing, however much one could depend on the cat to wish to stay dry, but that part didn’t bother my daughter at all. She enjoyed the baby-saving drama, and the illustrations are detailed and dreamily old-timey, but I think it’s one to try again in future years.

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