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Balloon by Jez Alborough

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Balloon by Jez Alborough

Balloon by Jez Alborough

The title says it all really – this is the tale of every toddler’s sometime balloon adventure in the park. The text is minimal but full of action and humorous rhyme. On occasion the story is told only in pictures, an ideal opportunity for my three-year-old daughter to tell me the story for a change. From happy purchase to inevitable eventual loss with fun (balloon gets splashed in a puddle) and drama (balloon gets stuck in a tree) along the way, there’s plenty of rereadability here. Why not buy a pack of balloons to go with it? The author also wrote the delightful Where’s My Teddy?, which our whole family can recite by heart, and this is well up to that gold standard.


Balloon Page

Read up what Jez himself says about the book and the ideas behind it.

I suspect this one might be out of print but you can probably get a second hand copy from the usual suspects….

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