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Rollo and Ruff by Mick Inkpen

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Rollo and Ruff

Rollo and Ruff

Another of Mike Inkpen’s inventive tales of cute urban animals, though this one does have storyline similarities to Kipper’s Toybox. Rollo’s the kindly corner-store cat. The LFB is the Little Fluffy Bird (I’m not sure the acronym concept got across, though). And Ruff is the rat who yearns for nicer living conditions and tastier rations. The tap drips and the cat dozes, but somebody rather smelly has chomped his way through Rollo’s rug and red ball and then curled up for a nap in the LFB’s freshly made nest. The culprit’s tale of underground woe and drain-damaged dinner inspires Rollo and the LFB to make Ruff a cosy bed at the top of the drainpipe, and to feed him a delicious selection of cornershop dainties. My daughter was charmed to think of snuggliness and sweeties. The last page features the grateful Ruff having a good wash under the tap, now that he can live a clean new life (perhaps meant to be a nudge to reluctant bathers?). Pictures are simple and pleasing in the Inkpen tradition and the book is a bit more challenging to read than most of the Kipper adventures we’ve read.

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