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Noisy Middle Ages by Rob Lloyd Jones and David Hancock

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I know you’ve come across these before. Books with little buttons on the side that produce noises…..This one is actually pretty good. At least the sounds are reasonable. My main gripe with these books is that the volume is usually set too high and causes some slight distortion through the very tiny little speakers. This one is no exception. A bit too loud, but otherwise quite nice. There are 16 different sounds, my daughter’s favourite is the chanting gregorian monk.

Now this book is not only a push the button to make a sound type of book, but it also has those lovely flaps that are bound to get yanked and pulled and torn. But in their current pristine condition, the book is actually lovely. Richly illustrated, it is somewhat reminiscent of Richard Scarry books.

As you would expect, there’s lots of info in this book, from descriptions and illustrations of Village Life to Building a Cathedral and Market Day. The book is obviously not so much a story book as a show and tell book. I would say this isn’t the ideal book for a three year old, simply because it can be a little too descriptive and detailed, which can cause the little ones to reach their saturation point, but still we’ve spent a fair few nights reading this one so far and I’m pretty sure we will see a fair few more.

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