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Don’t Lose Pigley Wibbly Pig by Mike Inkpen

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Wibbly Pig - Don't Lose Pigley

Wibbly Pig - Don't Lose Pigley

This books charmed the pants off me and also my daughter! We could mull over its problem-solving trajectory many more times before boredom sets in, and you can’t say that for too many toddler books. Sweet, rosy-faced Wibbley Pig has a party bag of treats to contend with, with the help of Pigley, his comforting soft toy. Sadly, the balloon is too much for Pigley’s gravitational abilities, and it’s only when the party squeaker is deployed that a harmonious reunion is achieved. Along the way even the sticky licky lolly and the jelly alien are restored to Wibbley. The text combines the toddler point of view (Pigley is stuck on a ‘tall thing’) with slightly more sophisticated words every so often. My favourite (at the moment, by a short head) of Mike Inkpen’s many wonderful offerings.

Pigley stuck on a tall thing

Pigley seems to wave goodbye

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