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The Magic Train Ride by Sally Crabtree and Sonia Esplugas

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The magic train ride

Magic Train Ride by Sally Crabtree and Sonia Esplugas

Oh, we’re on the train again, speeding down the rails again, quickly quickly down the tracks, clicketyclickety clack! This delightful book comes with a slightly less delightful CD featuring the story sung by a slightly tense-sounding lady. This is the story of a magic train ride (who’d’ve guessed?). A couple of kids get their magic tickets and board the train with assorted fellow travellers, stopping in places such as the jungle, outer space, fairyland and under the sea, rhyming their cheery way to the final destination (a seaside castle). At each stop a passenger hops off (the alien stays on Mars, for example) and a new one hops on, so to make the most of the book read it slowly a few times first without the CD to spot all the entrancing details. The singing on the CD is not quite up to snuff, but it does have a catchy little tune which will clicketyclack in your head for days. Well worth buying, for girls and boys, even if they’re not train-mad. My daughter likes to grab a bunch of tickets that we’ve collected from the miniature railway at Roxbourne Park as a little accoutrement to really get into the story.

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Inside the magic train ride

Inside the Magic Train Ride

The Higgledy Piggledy Pigs by Sally Crabtree & Barbara Nascimbeni

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The Higgledy Piggledy Pigs

The Higgledy Piggledy Pigs

Mess. Something every parent can relate to. The cast of characters here is, in case you haven’t yet guessed, a family of pigs. There’s “mummy pig, baby pig, sister pig, brother pig and daddy pig” as my daughter says. She kind of glosses over the fact that granny pig is also there, but, you know, cut her some slack, she’s only two and a half. Anyway, the pigs live in a muddle, a mess, a higgledy piggledy house where everything is everywhere….much like any house that has kids in it. Mum of course wants it tidy and so she hustles granny, sister and brother pig to tidy up their little house, much to everyone’s chagrin. Baby pig gets excused from tidy up duty because he is too small. He sits and plays with his teddy.

Eventually, the place is spic and span, but only mum likes it like that. Baby pig is wailing because “he lost his teddy”. Yep. quite right. So mummy, gran, sister and brother pig start looking for baby pig’s teddy. And, as with many children’s books, you can see this one coming a mile off…..in the course of looking for the teddy (which is obviously right there under baby pig all along), they make a mess of the house, unpacking everything they have tidied up.

Still, they haven’t managed to located the missing bear. Luckily, daddy pig arrives just in time to pick up baby pig and give him a cuddle, revealing the teddy. Why mummy pig didn’t pick him up in the first place for a cuddle is beyond me. I’ve never seen my wife just leave our daughter to cry for a lost blankie…..there’s always a “cuddle from mum”, but there you go. Teddy found, house all higgledy piggledy again, and we can rest easy knowing all is well.

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