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Sally and the Limpet by Simon James

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Sally and the Limpet

Sally and the Limpet

This is both funny and fascinating – and I am happy to read and re-read it. Young Sally fiddles with a pretty limpet on the beach and it “makes a little sucking sound” (insert suitable noise, to much snickering) and sticks itself firmly onto her finger. Over the next couple of days many people try many different (some horrifying, some hilarious) ways of detaching it, but the only help comes from her teacher, who says that limpets like to stay on the same rock all their lives (up to 20 years, apparently). Sick and tired of having her finger and her limpet poked and prodded, Sally escapes back to the beach and offers the limpet the chance to unstick and rejoin its rock. Perhaps suitably accessorised with cockles and mussels (not alive-o), this story has much to offer, with something of an eco-message in there too. The illustrations are pleasant enough.

Sally and the Limpet for UK based readers
Sally and the Limpet for US based readers